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Birth Doula

Birth Services


Initial Interview and consultation  (There is no charge for this interview.)




       Two third trimester visits

       Practice in positions and comfort techniques

       Unlimited help by telephone or email

       Help in making a  Birth plan

       Continual support during birth

       In home care during first stages of labor

       Breathing Techniques

       Pain-coping practices

       Positioning suggestions

       Light massage during labor



       Tools for effectively communicating with care providers

       One to two hours of assistance immediately after birth

       Assistance in breastfeeding and achieving a good "Latch"

       One in home Postpartum visit after birth

Katie and Jo


"Jo knew just what to do to make me comfortable and calm during the birth of my twins. Whether  she was massaging my feet or showing me a position to ease my pain she always knew how to help. I was able to have the birth experience I wanted."

       - Katie G.  2007


 Bob and Jenia with twins


Bob and Jenia with twins Alec and Lisa



    Optional Birth Story and Records of Birth

    Optional Birth photographing

    Optional Calming music of your choice

    Optional Aroma therapy of your choice

    Optional Custom made designer hospital gowns

    Optional "Birthingway" or "Blessingway" planning



Gift Certificates available